We use Grades to indicate the Condition of all our laptops. Each laptop is thoroughly checked and is fully functional. That's why we also offer a one-year warranty on every Grade. A Grade is listed with each laptop along with a brief description of its condition. This way you will not be faced with any surprises.

Our Grades are as follows:

Grade: A

The laptop is as good as new. In some cases there may be some minor scratches

Grade: A-

There may be scratches and/or some minimal white spots on the screen.

Grade: B

Significant scratches, white spots on the screen and/or minor damage to the housing may occur.

Grade: C

The laptop shows clear traces of use and may have multiple scratches, white spots on the screen and significant damage to the case.

The Grades above are general guidelines we use when assigning a Grade to the laptop. However, it is no guarantee that these specific features are actually present with your laptop. Therefore, always read the Grade description of the relevant laptop to avoid surprises.